Social Democratic Party (SDP) governorship candidate in Osun State, Dr Iyiola Omisore, expressed confidence that he would win the election despite irregularities. Addressing newsmen after casting his vote, he claimed he got reports from across the state that a lot of things were going wrong. He said he got reports that three All Progressives Congress (APC) thugs in police uniforms were arrested. He said the card readers failed to work in several places, while voting materials were yet to arrive in some as at 11am. He said unless the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) acted quickly to resolve the issues, the process would be totally flawed. “I cannot adjudge the process fair until these things are addressed,” he said. Asked about his assessment of the exercise so far, Omisore said: “The process is very bad. It’s not encouraging. “There are complaints everywhere. At least two APC thugs in uniform have been arrested. “The card readers are very, very slow; extremely slow. I’ve got reports from various parts of the state where there are no card readers at all; or if there are, they’re malfunctioning. “In parts of the South, up till now (around 11.30 am), they have not seen electoral materials or officers. So, the irregularities are much. “No card reader in Egbedore; Ife South no materials up till now; Osogbo Wards 4 and 5, no materials, no card reader; fake police men and APC thugs arrested; vote buying. “If we make complaints to them, they should rectify them.” Omisore urged his supporters to remain steadfast and to resist vote buying, which he said they were already doing. “Unless INEC addresses these issues, we’ll lose confidence in the process. For now they have not done well.” Asked if he was still confident of winning despite the challenges, he said: “All over the state, SDP is the popular party everyone is voting for everywhere.” Omisore voted in Unit 003, Ward 1, located in St Gabriel Primary School, Moore, Ile-Ife. He voted at exactly 11.16 am having arrived the unit at about 11.04 am am. He was accompanied by his aides, with supporters chanting “Abere Straight!” in reference to the government house.{cmp_comments idkey='6278c'[]}{idkey='1057c'[]}