The youths in the State of Osun has rejected zoning and embraced age as a key factor in the Governorship race in the state (our next governor should not be more than 50yrs) The state need YOUTHS who are brave like an hunter in the midst of demons to sustain Aregbesola legacy and make everybody happy in the state. Zoning is an attempt by some leaders, politician and chieftains of the party to pocket the future of the State through the back door. It is easy to say that youth are the leaders of tomorrow but it is very pathetic and sardonic that youths have been sidelined in the affairs of the State. It is a big slap for any aspirant above 50years aspiring to be the Governor of the state that is blessed with dynamic, vibrant, educated, sounds and fresh blood in the state. I therefore charge all youth in the state to wake up from their slumber and use this opportunity to support a competent youth from any zone in the state. Zoning a Governorship aspirant to a particular senatorial district is a sign of undeveloped democracy in the state, which will affect the development of the state. It is so sardonic that those who we believed as leaders, and elites in the state and some group from Osun west are talking about zoning at this modern democracy where our dear state need a radical youth in leadership. To me as a concerned youth from the state, We need to make the contest open to all zones and let the manifestoes of each aspirant judge them, let all of them go to field, let give rooms to free, fair and credible primary election in the State. Zoning a Governorship race to a particular zone is unconstitutional and uncivilized for our democracy and it will tell on our dear State, because it is not in our constitution that governor must come from a particular zone. Zoning is foreign to us in Osun politic right from Late Isiaka Adeleke administration to this present administration there is nothing like zoning, so why now that Osun West are shouting about zoning here and there. We youths commend the ex governor Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola that declared in Ede that Osun need a youths that is not more than 50yrs to succeed Ogbeni Aregbesola and the youth can come from any zone in the state. I write not to impress but to express. “Youthful and Useful” I am Comrade (A.I.B) Loko Emperor from Obokun Local Government.